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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2017 02:10AM PST

Waiting for your feature to be implemented in Outline?
Check the list of the features planned to see if there is one we added specially for you!


Features planned for the next intermediate version:

New UI window for sync options in Outline for Mac

"Add new page" under selected one in Outline for Mac

Renewed page settings window in Outline for iOS

With "Copy page" and "Cut page" options

iPhone widget in Outline for iPhone


Features planned for the next major update:

Handwriting improvement

Improvements of inkflow latency to provide smoother and faster writing.
Better response from the stylus / pen.
Improved palm rejection for supported accessorises (Apple Pencil, Jot Script Adonit Stylus, Pogo Stylus).

Vote for the feature here!

More custom font options

Custom fonts support in the app.
Use the fonts you got installed to your Mac to make your notes fit better your needs. 

Vote for the feature here

Features planned for implementation in Outline for iPad:

Text size editing on iPad

Ease the use of your notes with the editable font size for Outline for iPad.

Vote for the feature here!

Copy / move pages on iPad

Rearrange the sections or whole notebooks by moving the pages inside Outline for iPad.
Copy the page to use it as a template for your further work.
Copy-paste the page from local notebook to make the content available in your OneNote notebook.

Vote for the feature here

Features planned for implementation in Outline for Mac:

Circus Ponies Notebook outlining support

Get your CP notebooks imported with expandable / collapsible outlines supported.
Next step (useful not only for CP users): links to the paragraphs inside the page.

Vote for the feature here!

Simple shapes and arrows

Include simple ovals and rectangles to draw attention to the most important parts of your text.
Outline the text comments in imported PDFs with the bright shapes.

Vote for the feature here

Save the collapsed view of notebooks / subpages

Ever wondered why all the notebooks are opened and the subpages expanded after reopening Outline?
With new option you will always open Outline to see the notebooks in the very exact way you've left them.

Vote for the feature here

More useful shortcuts

Vote for customisable keyboard shortcuts in Mac Outline: 
Set the keyboard options to the ones that will be useful for you.

Vote for the feature here

Search for tags

Organise your work and personal notes by using customised tags for when / where / with whom the work / task is to be done.
Place the tags on the page, use the search for tags to locate the page / task you need at the moment.
Search for tags to get the list of your tasks planned for this week / urgent to finish / etc.
Insert any text / sign you want to get the tags working for you and your note-taking routine. 

Vote for the feature here

Features planned for implementation in both versions:

Change the name of notebook

Set the different name for your notebooks from inside the app without closing it and renaming folder.

Vote for the feature here!

Spacing edit

Advanced customised toolbar on Mac with the spacing edit menu to make your notes more comprehensive with all the language keyboards.

Vote for the feature here!

Drag&drop the notebooks to change the order

Changeable notebooks order improved: for those who have 5+ notebooks constantly opened in Outline.
Select the notebook and place it wherever you want it to be.
Next step: alphabetical order for the notebooks / pages.

Vote for the feature here!

Paper templates

Set the page background not only with the colour but also lining + texture.
Use the real notebook template to help with handwriting in Outline for iPad.
Save the background to export the notes to PDF to get the real paper look.

Vote for the feature here!


Already in the app:

User-friendly interface for Circus Ponies notebooks import

German and Chinese localised versions 
Feel free to send your improvement suggestion to

Touch Bar Support for New MacBooks
Edit options and Touch ID for protected sections 

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