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Collapsible / Folding Outlines

Owen Jul 14, 2016 06:27AM PDT

Any chance that outlines will be able to be folded at some point? I have some really long outlines that are much easier to navigate if the outline can be collapsed under its headings. Thanks.

Also would like to check in on how folding is coming along for pages in the notebook section. I saw a post that you were working on being able to show hide individual pages in the notebook navigation section on the left. Is that getting close?

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Valya Jul 20, 2016 05:33AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Owen,

Thanks for bringing this up!

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Valya Jul 20, 2016 09:06PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

Let me add some details to your feature request:

Currently we are analyzing the number of votes for the folding of notebooks / sections.
It seams like a good idea so please stay in touch, your vote is noted!

Do you mind if I contact you in a while when I'll have more information about this feature implementation?
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Tim Gleason Sep 09, 2016 05:34AM PDT
I vote for this - I don't think I can use this application effectively without this feature. You can do it in circus ponies, omni outliner and onenote. For me it is essential to be able to BOTH collapse, AND move elements around within the outline to reorganize it.
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Alex B Sep 10, 2016 01:26PM PDT
Agree on ability to collapse/expand outlines - important for long notes eg from a long meeting or complex analysis. Have found this useful in other tools like Circus Ponies Notebook, in looking for a replacement I came across Outline and am excited about it but this piece feels essential to the name "Outline" :-)

Hoist is another nice-to-have in this regard - especially when working with notes with a group where you may want to hide the more complete outline and keep people looking at the subsection. This is a feature I've used over many years all the way back to "More"

For a nice demo of these features see the demo outline in Workflowy - shows both the ability to focus/hoist and collapse/expand.

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Valya Sep 12, 2016 01:42AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Alex, Tim,

Thank you for the votes!

We don't have collapsible/expandable outlines planned yet, so I won't give any time frames to you yet.
But I will bring this feature to discussion again so we'll think another time of what we can do and when.
If we'll have the answer in the nearest couple of days, I will write here.

Feel free to write to me at to get more information (especially if I won't reply here) and to give us some other suggestions on Outline improvement.
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Rick Oct 28, 2016 04:43PM PDT
Another vote for collapsible outlines. This is the one reason why I can't buy this product on both my Mac and iPad. Please, please, please add this feature. I am confident there are many others who require and would use this feature extensively that aren't voting here.
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Valya Oct 31, 2016 01:04AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand


And I want to encourage everyone to express your thoughts on the features you want to see in Outline.
More votes I get, more chances this feature will be implemented faster!
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Bob Kraft Jan 23, 2017 05:30PM PST
I have only been using Outline 2 for a short time. So far I am very impressed. The one feature that I really like to see is the collapsible and expandable outlines. This too me is an essential feature of any outlining tool.
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Valya Jan 23, 2017 09:14PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Bob,

Thanks for reaching out!

I've added your vote for this feature to my list.

Feel free to keep an eye on our progress with our social net accounts:
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AlexandreL Jun 25, 2017 02:22AM PDT

I also really miss this feature.

OneNote managed to implement it without heavily affecting the structure of paragraphs:

Hope this link helps.

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Outline Jun 28, 2017 04:34AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Alexander,

Vote counted! Thanks!
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Fabio Dec 27, 2017 05:59AM PST
The missing collapse feature is what is holding me back from buying the software.

(Which is a shame.. Outline could otherwise be my main note taking app..)

One other thing: It seems a bit outdated to only have the OneNote-blue format templates available...
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Don Mar 04, 2018 06:23AM PST
First: I love Outline.

Second: I'd immediately purchase Outline for Mac & iOS, but without collapsible/expandable outlines with drag & drop points within outlines to rearrange points, I have to find this ability with a competing app.

When I downloaded Outline I was overjoyed, because I thought I found a way to finish my transition from Microsoft/Windows/OneDrive/OneNote to Apple/Mac/iPad/iPhone/iCloud/Outline. It seems not possible now.

Collapsible/expandable outlines & drag/drop/reorder points within an outline has been a feature request for Outline for nearly 2 years.

Will this feature be available soon? If this feature will not be added soon or at all, can anybody suggest an app that looks & works like Outline, but does have the feature?


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Thomas Mar 21, 2018 11:34AM PDT
Finally have to upgrade my mac and will lose Circus Ponies. Outline 3.21.2 looks like a great replacement EXCEPT that I can't do without collapsible outlines. I have long, multi-section outlines and I want to keep everything in one file but collapse them so I can find things and focus on one section at a time. PLEASE add this feature (including the ability to drag and drop sections from one point in the outline to another) and I will buy Notebook.

I'll note that,since people have been asking for this for almost 2 years, I'm not too hopeful
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Larry Apr 26, 2018 07:02AM PDT
+1 vote. Need this feature before I can buy.
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Robert Apr 27, 2018 02:30PM PDT
+1 for this - I use this all the time in OneNote to re-organize and clean up my documents

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