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Some ideas for Outline

Disavowed Sep 25, 2016 06:33PM PDT

Hello dear Outline App team,

Here is some ideas i wanna share to all and hopefully get in close future :)

1. for me personally, i miss width alignment
2. different Apple macOS build-in fonts
3. i hope there will be some perfomance fix, sometimes app got some little freezes while page opening. For example page content is only text and hyperlinks (i mean without photo or any other "heavy" staff). Tested on 2 different Apple Mac computers, both with SSD
4. while making numbering list, i miss to be able make after 1. the 1.1 and 1.2 and ....
5. As i understand there is 3 types of internal links (notebook, section, page). Will be great if there will be additional link type. Link inside page to some string or word from the same page. Very helpful with long pages.
6. Voice memo recording
7. Importing text based PDF as a text, and also importing other file types, html, doc, txt, rtf
8. Outline clipper for Firefox or Safari, with ability to clip screenshot or articles. "Send to Outline" feature usually sending only text without pictures with text formating losing.
9. Also will be great people can see some roadmap or upcoming features for feedback them before you publish it.

For me, this application already have a lot of good staff, but im sure, it can be better.
I tryed Onenote (stop testing it after i tryed macOS version without local saving files), i tryed Synology DSnote (also dissapoited cause of it only have web based app).

Thanks for reading this and will wait for your response.

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Valya Sep 26, 2016 10:33PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Disavowed,

Thanks for such positive feedback!

I think I can give you some information on your suggested features:
1. Spoke about it some time ago and we definitely plan to add this feature, however it will be possible to do after we finish our new copy-paste process, so no ETAs yet;
2. Will be implemented till the end of this year, we wanted to release it during the summer, but found out some more difficulties;
3. About this one - feel free to write to me at, I need some additional information to understand what can cause such behaviour;
4. Added to the list, we'll think what we can do;
5. And tis feature can be possible after we implement the collapsible / expandable list and paragraphs feature.
Circus Ponies had it and as we have now lots of its former users coming to us, we want to "steal" this feature as well.
6. Already planned, I've added your voice to the current numbers;
7. We haven't discussed this option yet but seeing this suggestion being so popular I think we will apparently get to an actual implementation;
8. And to replace this feature I think we'd better finish with the copy-paste feature. When finished you'll be able to clip the whole page with all the pictures and text formatting;
9. Forwarded your request to our manager, we'll discuss where we can place such description.

And to get all the latest news on our improvements feel free to follow our pages in Twitter and Facebook, we usually post a lot of useful information there.

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