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Fix the sync !

Gene Nov 11, 2016 05:53AM PST

The biggest issue pushing me back to Onenote right now is Outline's extremely slow and unreliable sync of OneDrive stored files. This has been a problem for a long time.

Without a Windows client, Outline can't replice Onenote + Onedrive on the desktop, and the sync issues make it lose to Onenote on my iPad as well.

Please fix the sync !

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Valya Nov 13, 2016 08:46PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Gene,

We apologise for this situation!

Could you please give me some more details on what happens when you sync your notebooks?
Usually OneDrive sync works pretty smoothly with Outline.

Is it only about the sync speed?
What's the size of your OneDrive notebooks?
And could you please give me some examples of when the sync was unreliable?
I think I'll be able to help you with that!
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Eugene Nov 16, 2016 05:44AM PST
Hi Alena,

I have a 199mb notebook that I copied to another directory in OneDrive and renamed so that I could test both programs from scratch. OneNote for iPad opened that test notebook in the matter of minutes. Outline has been syncing it for the past 32 minutes and still 2 sections are not synced yet. Same iPad, same connection. I have another 600 mb notebook that I don't even attempt to sync in Outline anymore.

Thank you,

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Valya Nov 16, 2016 10:29PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand

And do you have this notebook opened in OneNote on some other device?

Could you please try to close this notebook in OneNote and then open it again in Outline?

I'm trying now to open my 50 MB notebook in Outline and it is quite slower than I'd wanted, however I tried it in iPad OneNote and it took the same time I think.

In case you don't need to use your notebooks simultaneously in Outline and OneNote you can try making it local and then move to some other cloud.
Dropbox usually is faster than OneNote.
You can also try to change the format of your notebook to Outline's. We have different attachments structure - they've stored in a separate folder, and the notebooks are faster to upload this way.
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Eugene Nov 17, 2016 06:31AM PST
Hi Alena,

I absolutely must use and Onenote. I have several important notebooks that I am sharing with family members. Besides the iPad, we also have an Android phone, a Windows laptop (work issued), another work desktop, a home Windows desktop, a Linux laptop used on a regular basis, and a few Android tablets that my family members have. I can't use Outline on any of these devices sans the iPad. I have to sync to Onedrive to be able to use the Onenote data at work, on Linux (via web application), or on the home Windows desktop.

I am sure that my situation is very common. Most people can't use a setup that locks them into just one ecosystem. We all have work computers, phones and other devices that we often don't get to choose. If Outline had Windows and Android clients, I could entertain the idea of switching the database type (but even then, the cost of three different clients adds up), but until then, a fast and reliable Onedrive sync is a must.
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Valya Nov 17, 2016 10:04PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand

Thank you so much for information!

I got your point about OneDrive and have now another idea.
What if you change the format to Outline's and then back again to OneNote's to clean the edit history of the sections?
It's a known issue about OneNote notebooks, here is a topic from their support portal:

Maybe if you manage to reduce the size of your notebook it will upload to Outline faster?

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