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Napoleon Edwards Jan 13, 2017 04:17PM PST

I am an avid note taker. I have adopted the Cornell Note Taking system as my method of choice. I just purchased the Outline app and I am having great difficulty creating Cornell based notes with the Outline app.

It would help me and others who use the Cornell system to have the ability to create text blocks that contain 2 (or more columns).

I tried many ways to create Cornell notes with Outline Plus and each method had serious issues with it.

For example, I created a separate text block for each cue and another text block for each of the corresponding notes but I could not align the two text blocks.

I also tried to put all of the cues for a section of notes in the same text block and all of the corresponding notes in a separate text block. I then tried to align the notes with their respective cues. This was extremely maintenance intensive as I had to try to align the notes with the cues using returns and spaces. Again, I could not align the notes with their cues.

Below is an example of what I am trying to accomplish:

Cornell Notes Example

Cue 1 | This is the note for cue 1.
| ------------------------------
| | Syntax: type(object) |
| | |
| | Example: |
| | names = ['George', 'Bob' |
| | list(names) |
| | |
| | Output: |
| | <<type 'list'>> |
| ------------------------------
Cue 2 | This is the note for cue 2.
| 1. List item 1
| 2. List item 2
Cue 3 | This is the note for cue 3.
o Cue 3.1 | This is the note for cue 3.1
o Cue 3.2 | This is the note for cue 3.2

This a summary of the notes taken on the Cornel Note Taking system example.


The cue column of the text block is essentially a label for the note. The note column of the text block may or may not have formatted text, code blocks, lists, etc.

Thanks for your help and let me know if this can done in the current Outline app (iPad) or if it will be a feature in a future version of the software.

Napoleon Edwards

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Napoleon Edwards Jan 13, 2017 04:21PM PST
My apologies for my prior post. My example of Cornell Notes did not come out the way I typed it. It is supposed to show two columns. Column one is the Cue column. Column two is the notes column. The second column contains a list, a code block/box, etc.

Again, I apologize for not knowing how to properly format my example.

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Valya Jan 17, 2017 01:34AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Napoleon,

Thanks for reaching out! And I apologise for delay with the answer!

Did I get it right that you've pasted all the text in one outline (editable text / object field on a page)?
Did you try to use different outlines for different text pieces? We have special ruler lines that will help you to align two outlines to each other.

And maybe you'll be able to send me some kind of screenshot or drawing of how you want the text to be displayed in Outline?
I know what Cornell note-taking is but Portal's formatting doesn't allow me to see your example properly.
Using it I will try to come up with the best solution for you, there must to be the way to use Outline the way you want to.

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