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iPad version crashing on jailbroken device.

Stephane Piriou May 09, 2017 12:34AM PDT


I bought both iPad and MacOS version of outline. I didn't use them for a while because I found another app that better meet some specific needs like collecting Html/standard rtf documents.

But I still use it for specific use case like sensitive notes because of the code protection it can optionaly offer for individual books.

When I opened the iPad version on my jailbroken device (ios 9), the app crashed at start. When i checked on my second iPad (ios 10), the app opened without any issue.

So I would like to know if you introduced that piracy protection which penalize the owners of jailbroken device indistinctly regardless if they actually bought the app or not and if you plan to remove definitely this "feature" in the next release.

Thanks for your time

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Valya May 10, 2017 09:06PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Stephane,

Thanks for reaching out!

At the moment we don't have any special tools for crashing the app on jailbrocken devices - we've turned off our "app protection" a couple of months ago.
Right now this crash you have must be some specific for jeilbrocken devices crash that can be rather difficult to fix: as soon as jailbrocken devices are different from standard ones, we don't have the possibility to recreate it.

However I spoke with the devs about your case and they said that in the nearest couple of minor updates we will release the fix for one of the top crashes on jailbrocken devices.
We cannot guarantee, it will help for your specific case, but you can wait for this version and check the app again.

Could you please write to me if the app keeps crashing after the next update?
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Stephane Piriou May 19, 2017 07:41AM PDT
Thank you for your answer.

I guess i can use the ipad 10 (which is my backup device) while waiting for the crash fix.

I hope this will solve my problem.

I will report the result for the fix for the next 2 release on this sub.

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Dave May 24, 2017 10:44AM PDT
After this newest update, nothing has changed. The app is still crashing on startup. Is this expected to be fixed soon?
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Valya May 24, 2017 11:17PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out!

Is it about jailbrocken device too?

If that's the case, then as I wrote before - we cannot predict how our fixes affect the app performance on such devices.
We've fixed some crash, however your case can be different.
We will keep working but as soon as we don't have any jailbrocken devices for the tests, we cannot guarantee the stability of the app.
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Stephane Piriou Jun 03, 2017 12:25AM PDT
I'm updating for my experience on 3.20 version : crash fix now working. How refreshing !

Can edit my notes again ! Great Job !
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Valya Jun 04, 2017 09:20PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

Thank you for information!

I'm glad you can now work in Outline again!

Please don't hesitate to write if there are any other difficulties.
I will help!

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