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BM May 15, 2017 07:12PM PDT

I cannot cut or paste sections. Most of the time when I try to create a new section, nothing happens. I keep trying again and again - nothing. I stopped using your software, sometimes I cannot believe how useless your software is and try it again. No results. Been going on for years, and I have complained for years. this is just one example of how pretty much nothing works with your software. It's endless.

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Valya May 15, 2017 11:02PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Bernhard,

We apologise for this situation!

What Outline is it?
For Mac or iOS?

And could you please check the version of Outline you have?
On Mac it's in Outline > About Outline.
On iOS it's in Settings > About.
The current version is 3.19.1.

If you have the older version of Outline, could you please update the app?
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BM May 16, 2017 03:33PM PDT
First of all, older or newer version, cutting and pasting should work on ANY of your versions across the platforms! Or are you admitting that it only works on the latest?!

I am running 3.18
With every upgrade you introduce more bugs, claiming to have fixed the old ones.

Once again, when I right click and cut, nothing happens, NOTHING.

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Valya May 16, 2017 09:47PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Bernhard,

Thank you for information!

The copy-paste function works in all the apps and versions of Outline, even the earliest updates.

Does this problem occurs in one particular section or in several ones?
Could you please try to create a new section > new page > paste some text and try to copy /paste.

This behaviour can be connected to the corruption of page or section.
Is copy / paste works fine in the new section, here is how you can fix the old one:
- right-click the section tab in notebooks pane > Set Password;
- right-click the section again > Remove Password.
Or use the repair tool:
- press ALT > right-click the section tab in notebooks pane > Repair Section.

The section will be rewritten (it doesn't affect the content), the cache cleaned and it will fix the possible corruption.
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Grace May 24, 2017 03:18AM PDT
New Outline user here!

Cutting and pasting works for me but I was surprised to find out you can duplicate or copy a section in one notebook and paste it in another. Is that correct? The option is grayed out whenever I try (Outline for Mac).
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Valya May 24, 2017 03:27AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Grace,

Thanks for reaching out!

And you are right, you cannot copy-paste the sections, you can just move them from one notebook to another.
If you need the same section to be included to some other notebook, restore this section from backups > drag&drop it to the notebook.
You'll find the backups of your files in Outline > Preferences > Backup > Restore Backup Files > select the section you need > Restore.

Please write to me if you need more information about how to do it.
I will help!
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Terry Jun 04, 2018 12:57PM PDT
I'm a new Outline for Mac user, and very confused over this copy/paste issue. Here's my situation:

I imported various Notebooks I had in Circus Ponies. Today I'm in one of the imported notebooks and am trying to copy/paste approx 20 lines of bullet points from my old notebook to a new Note I am creating. I can copy the text, but when I move to the new Notebook and paste, only the first line is pasted. The other 19 lines are ignored.

After reading through this string of posts, it seems you don't actually support copy/paste from one Notebook to another, which make no sense. I can't remember having a copy/paste issue with any other applications on the Mac - in fact I can normally copy/paste as much text as I want from any app to any other app. The fact I cannot copy/paste between 2 Notebooks using the same App is a real shortcoming.

Can you please fix this? Copy/paste is one of the most basic functions and should work regardless of where you are in your application.

Thank you.

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