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Have the bugs in your software been fixed? | I want to use your Outline Application in 2018!

Antonio Dominion Dec 28, 2017 01:17PM PST

Hello Dear Reader –

I have been trying to use your Outline App for about 2 years, since I got my Mac in February of 2016, as a Windows OneNote replacement. However, due to the many issues that I had with your app, because of errors in the programming and functioning of your app, I gave it up and have been using OneNote for Mac since.

Now, with the New Year upon us, I wish to give your application another try. However, before I do, there are several issues that I must receive your comments on. These were brought up in a recent magazine article in For your reference, I will copy herein the entirety of the article’s comments on your application.

“Outline ($39.99 Mac App Store)
Outline was originally the first OneNote reader for Mac but now that OneNote is available for Mac, it’s not quite as popular anymore. However, it has evolved into a notetaking app in it’s own right and still allows you to both open and edit OneNote notebooks on Mac. Outline can open .one (section files), .onepkg (OneNote notebook packages) and .onetoc2 (notebook table of contents) files. The rendering of OneNote documents is impressive with most of the formatting perfectly preserved and it can also sync with OneNote for Mac and OneNote for iPad via Microsoft OneDrive. The look of Outline is like that of a real notebook book with pages and tabs to help you navigate with the idea of creating the closest thing to a paper notebook experience as possible. Originally the editor was very basic but it now allows you to type pretty much anywhere you want, change headings, fonts etc.
There are some limitations to Outline however. There’s no way to drag and drop pages for example, it doesn’t use the fonts on your Mac by default and it can be a bit buggy and unresponsive sometimes. There also isn’t much you can do in Outline that you can’t do in the OneNote web app other than work offline and sync changes with OneDrive later. However, it’s a very well designed and good looking application that makes working with OneNote a more pleasant experience on your Mac. When Outline for Mac was just a reader it originally cost $19.99 but since the addition of the editor, it’s now $39.99 and works on Mountain Lion OS X 10.8+. There’s also Outline for iPad for $11.99 which syncs with the Mac version.”

As you can see, they have a very positive first paragraph, but in the second paragraph, it mentions the limitations of your app. For the ones that are important for me to resolve, I will enumerate them below by number, so that they are easier to refer to in your reply to this email.
1. … No way to drag and drop pages; and
2. … Doesn’t use the fonts on your Mac by default; and
3. … Can be a bit buggy and unresponsive sometimes.

Have you upgraded the app so that pages can be dragged and dropped into different Sections or locations within the same Section?

Is there a way to set it up to use the fonts on my Mac? I have a proprietary font that I normally use for all of my documents that I would like to use with the Outline application.

Most importantly, have you fixed the non-responsiveness and bugginess? These were what really drove me nuts and to the point of not using your app. It would lock up at times, and I would have to Force Quit and restart the application, losing data in the process. I just cannot have these things happen in my business. Nor can I tolerate any loss of data, particularly if I have been typing a long passage of text and it has not saved automatically and it gets lost, that thought will never be the same again. (By the way, does the app save automatically and periodically?).

Also, having bugs in the software is another area that I simply cannot tolerate. If these have not been fixed, just be honest and tell me now, so that I don’t lose valuable time trying to use an application that is not suitable for an enterprise environment.

Thank you very much for your kindest consideration of my inquiry. I look forward to hearing back from you, and I will await your reply.

Best regards and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

~Antonio Dominion
Redwood Mountain Associates
(213) 440-4140 – Mobile
(213) 487-7563 – Home / Fax 
Please Note: For best results, please try and phone me between 12 noon and 12 midnight, Pacific Time. Thanks!

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Outline Jan 09, 2018 03:14AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Antonio,
thanks for contacting us and expressing your concrern.

Sure, Outline app got many new features and improvements since you used it two years ago.

1. there is drag and drop for pages. They can be moved within and between section.

2. fonts are not there yet. Outline uses its standard font.

3. we have fixed many bugs and made lots of stability improvements. However, there is always something that can be improved.
General stability of the app is very good.

You can give it a try. There is a free trial version available on our site. 14 days to test Outline functionality.

If you have more questions or comments, feel free to contact me again.

Have a great year!

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