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  • Subscript/Superscribt

    Hello, Is it possible to subscript/superscript numbers and words in outline for Mac?

    2 Helping Hand Answers 1 Community Answer Nov 22, 2016 08:52AM PST
  • opening a notebook

    Here's a user interface anomaly: File/Open Notebook in the menu brings up a Finder window to open a Lo...

    3 Helping Hand Answers 2 Community Answers Nov 21, 2016 01:58PM PST
  • Outline crashes when adding a new page

    Every time I want to add a new page to a notebook, Outline crashes. Whether I use a notebook on Onedrive, i...

    1 Helping Hand Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 19, 2016 07:10AM PST
  • Can't open Outline since 2 days ago

    2 days ago, I used Outline but somehow it crashed. But when I tried to open it again. It just pops up a proble...

    1 Helping Hand Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 17, 2016 06:07PM PST
  • Opening onenote notebook from local drive

    Hi, I was under an impression that we can open the onenote files from the local directory using outline. Ho...

    3 Helping Hand Answers 3 Community Answers Nov 01, 2016 08:42PM PDT
  • OneNote sync not working

    I am trialing your product, and the OneNote sync does not appear to be working. It's not showing me the n...

    1 Helping Hand Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 01, 2016 03:23PM PDT
  • Themes / Appearance

    Hello, Is it possible to change theme (or, at least, colors) of the application? I would like to adjust co...

    5 Helping Hand Answers 6 Community Answers Oct 21, 2016 01:57PM PDT
  • Outline has stopped opening any of my Notebooks.

    This may have been since upgrading to MacOS Sierra. I get a dialog: Impossible to add notebook. You ...

    1 Helping Hand Answer 2 Community Answers Oct 19, 2016 03:03PM PDT
  • Circus Ponies support

    I have just bought Outline from the AppStore. The reason I bought because the description said: **Circus Poni...

    10 Helping Hand Answers 17 Community Answers Oct 04, 2016 07:14AM PDT
  • Outline Keyboard Delay v.3.11 (39.110.601) on Sierra OS v.10.12

    Thank you for your time. Is the keyboard delay going to be fixed ? I want to purchase the software, but the ...

    3 Helping Hand Answers 2 Community Answers Oct 03, 2016 07:19AM PDT
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