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Searching tags

Rob Dec 11, 2013 07:32PM PST

How can I search for tagged items like you can in OneNote?

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Val Dec 12, 2013 01:33AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Rob,

there is no such search function at the moment.
We are going to include it later, when we do major improvement of search functionality.

Stay tuned!
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David Dec 28, 2013 02:18AM PST
I use Onenote to follow GTD principles of task management. The ability to sort/filter by tag allows me to see all my Todo's in one page. A quick sort/search by tags would allow us to get a quick view of all the action items that span multiple pages, sections and even notebooks. I suspect you'd get a huge following of GTDers when this feature becomes available!
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Nick Feb 19, 2014 09:36PM PST
Please include this search soon!
(do you have an update on when to expect it?)

I'm presently evaluating between Evernote and Outline after moving from PC to Mac.
The different structure in Evernote is an impediment, but so is the very poor search functionality in Outline. So far the balance is leaning towards Evernote. While I've already bought Outline (you have my money!), I will probably migrate into Evernote and not look back unless search is improved soon.

Hope you have an update just around the corner!
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Tony Feb 20, 2014 10:35PM PST
I second this, please include this feature as soon as possible.

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Mike Feb 26, 2014 05:21AM PST

Being able to find all my action items across all my different sections in a notebook is invaluable. With that feature I can use outline+ exclusively to manage To Do's and action items. Without that feature To Do's get lost. It would be most excellent to have that search in the same location as where I can see my favorites or most recent pages or do a search. Have a box with a check mark in it so I can quickly look for my AIs. It would also be excellent to be able to attach a start date and due date to the To Do tags so that the pages could be sorted by when the action needs to be started or completed.

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Val Feb 27, 2014 11:29PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
your request is noted.
Thank you!
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Dave Mar 03, 2014 01:57PM PST
Adding the following functionality is critical to many users continuing to use Outline going forward:
1) ability to search by tags (especially to do's)
2) Ability to manage/edit/add/delete tag categories. For GTD people, having an inbox, Now, Next, Scheduled (due date) and possibly and Someday tag is critical
3) Having a consolidated view of Todo's would be great (perhaps this is done via #1)
4) Ability to tag handwriting as a todo would be great
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Val Mar 03, 2014 09:39PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
your suggestions are noted and will be considered.
Thank you!
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Christophe Mar 13, 2014 01:38AM PDT
I fully agree with the above comments from Dave, David, Nick... The real added value of Onenote is the ability to search by tags (especially to do's) and to aggregate them in a summary report. I am a (new) Mac user and i am frustrated not to have such application. So I use Onenote web apps but the discussed functionalities are not available. Best regards
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Mick Limprecht Mar 20, 2014 09:01AM PDT
Just got Outline on your 50% sale since I've been a big OneNote user and I'm switching to Macs.

Really need searching and sorting for tags.

I'm sure you have copies of OneNote around. Follow that fuctionality.

For Outline to be effective for me I (and I think others)
need the following:

The Tags Summary side window.
Group tags by tag name, section, date, etc

The Search Summary side window.
Group by date, section, title, etc.

Need to control tag summaries and searches by notebook, section, section group.

You have a good start. I really want Outline to work since you read OneNote files and I have a lot of them. Hate the idea of hand loading pages into Circus Ponies or some other app. Your sooo close.

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Val Mar 20, 2014 09:17PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Mick,
thanks for your inspiring feedback!

The tags features your are requesting are already in our wish list.
Your votes for them are noted.
We are going to add these improvements in one of our next updates.

Stay tuned!
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Sean Cook May 28, 2014 04:06PM PDT
I also would love this feature. I use Outline for tracking my discussions and meetings. Keeping track of open actions using the "todo checkbox" is great, but I often lose them and would love a page or search feature that would allow me to quickly view open actions in my pages.
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Val May 28, 2014 09:16PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Sean,

Thank you for getting in touch!

We are definitely going to include this feature into one of our next updates, as it is frequently requested.
Now your vote is also noted!

Please stay in touch and feel free to share your ideas.

Have a nice day!
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Adriano Oct 14, 2014 12:41AM PDT
Dear Tatyana,

I have seen that others have requested filtering tools for checkboxes and other tags.

You have confirmed about a half year ago that this feature will be included.

Can you please tell us by when it is included?

Thank you,

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Val Oct 14, 2014 01:38AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Adriano,

Hope you are doing well!

This feature is still on our wish list and we hope to add it soon, but now we`re engaged with implementation of other functions which have got more votes.
I have noted your vote for filtering by tags and hope it`ll appear in one of our nearest updates. Tomorrow we`re going to officially release the update 3.0.
Please check it out! It has many new useful features and a new nice design. I`m sure you`ll like it!

If you have any further questions or comments, please let me know.

Have a nice day!
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Pat Knight Oct 14, 2014 12:40PM PDT
Hi Tatyana,

I too am a recent convert to Outline, coming from OneNote on Windows and I'm missing the tags search.

Where do I find your feature wish list so I can vote for the features I like?

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Val Oct 14, 2014 09:31PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Pat,
Hope you are doing well!

Thank you very much for your message!

To vote for features you could just search for related public topics or create a new one, or just sent us your ideas via e-mail, anything would work!
I have now noted your vote for tags searching, hope we`ll add it soon.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Have a great day!
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Rachel Dec 12, 2014 10:00AM PST
Please add my vote to searching for tags / having a summary of all tagged items. I'm considering buying outline for my mac (I'm on the free trial at the moment) but right now it doesn't do what I need it to do.
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Val Dec 15, 2014 09:11AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
your vote is recorded! Thank you!
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Chris Jan 21, 2015 06:03AM PST
Hello Guys,

I Wanne vote for the Tag-filtering Feature, too. This would be a great plus for the usability of your fantastic app.

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Val Jan 23, 2015 09:28AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Thank you!
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Johan Feb 22, 2015 02:51AM PST
I purchased Outline since it is the only real contender in the Mac World for OneNote (which is one of the very few Good programs coming out of Redmond , or more precisely being bought by them)

The one reason to get Outline this was the promise that the search function for tags (especially ToDo's) would be included "soon", that was 1,5 years ago. This seems to be one of the most requested features and having tags without the ability to search for them makes that feature quite meaningless. It's a Ying without the Yang.

Please , please, this needs to be a priority development for Outline to be a serious contender. Otherwise I will be forced to abandon it. What is needed is the ability to bring up a side panel with all the searched tags shown (possible over all notebooks but with the option to only search in the active notebook) in a list with the ability to hyperlink them to go to the page where they are written. For ToDos it must also be possible to filter on all/closed/open ToDos.

I really hope this gets into the very next release.
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Val Feb 26, 2015 04:00AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
thanks for sharing your feedback with us.
I have forwarded it to our dev team. We will see whether we can include this feature into our next updates.
Thank you!
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Amir Feb 27, 2015 04:36PM PST
one more vote for tag search feature, please
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Val Mar 02, 2015 02:14AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
noted, thank you!
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RM Apr 24, 2015 02:30PM PDT
Yes, definetly include a search option for Tags and especially for the checkbox, checked and unchecked.
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Brian Homrich Jun 30, 2015 09:04AM PDT
I am on a trial right now, hoping to purchase Outline. Compatibility with existing ON notebooks and SEARCH are 2 of my critical must-haves.

What's the latest on implementing the Search for TAGS ? They are a great organizational tool, but without being able to organize by them, they lose a lot of utility.


Brian Homrich
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Vicky Jun 30, 2015 10:33PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Brian,

Thanks for your interest in Outline app. We already have a number of users who requested search tags and are going to add this feature in Outline with the one of the future updates. However, we are unable to provide any release dates now. You may subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed about the latest news and updates.

Have a good day!
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Mike Jul 18, 2015 12:14PM PDT
I want to add a comment about searching and or filtering by tags and done and undone todo's. I know it has been mentioned repeatedly but want to keep the feedback going of the tremendous need for this. Without it you allow Onenote to outshine.

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Vicky Jul 20, 2015 12:09AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will keep in mind all the requests from this topic while planning our next updates.

We are working hard to make Outline better! Please, stay tuned.
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K S Oct 18, 2015 01:45AM PDT
Hi there,

only tag summary / search (like in OneNote)will make this app worth using. Please include ASAP.

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Vicky Oct 18, 2015 09:07PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

thank you. Noted!
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Andre Dec 03, 2015 06:31AM PST
Was this feature added to Outline? I couldn't find how to search by tags.
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Val Dec 03, 2015 07:13AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
It is not there yet.
We will add it a bit later.

Thanks for your vote for this feature.
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Manik Jun 09, 2016 12:57AM PDT
Is the feature there yet?
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Valya Jun 10, 2016 03:33AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

I'm afraid this feature is still in our wish list. I've recorded your vote for it, thanks!

Have a nice day,

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Michael Jul 04, 2016 02:21PM PDT
Hello, I can only emphasize that this feature is one of the most important requirements for me. I was about to purchase Outline+ when I realized I have no way of tracking my To Dos.
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Valya Jul 05, 2016 03:57AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

Thanks for letting us know this is important to you. I've passed your request and comments to the team and our decision makers.

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Teshon Dyer Aug 18, 2016 10:21AM PDT
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Valya Aug 19, 2016 03:08AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Teshon,

Thanks for reaching out!

I've added your vote to our feature request list.
I will write to this thread once we'll have any precise time frames for this feature implementation.
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Brett Aug 25, 2016 11:20AM PDT
Chiming in -- I'm on the 14-day trial, excited to have found your app, and got quite a bit of information into Outline, labeled various notes throughout my notebook as To-Do and other tags as I entered them.

And now I discover that there is no way to view them together.

Wow. This just tanked the entire app for me. And I want to use it, it looks great in so many ways!

Scrolling this thread and seeing this request since 2013 -- your team is responsive, but 2-1/2 years of saying it's noted and coming someday -- is a bit disheartening.

Why have all these different tags if they can't do anything? Or be used to filter your data?

So I personally am going to stop using it, and move to something else with the basic functionality of searching tags. I don't want to spend more time putting all my info in, when I know I can't really use it.

I do hope you implement this, as so many of your users have been requesting it for years.

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Outline Aug 26, 2016 01:31AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Brett,

Glad to hear Outline interested you and sorry to hear there is a feature missing for you. Here is the plan: Mac's edition gets drawing of simple shapes, font management options, and then tag search. I would be happy to tell the feature you are missing the most is coming before others, but I can't. What I can promise is that we do our best making this plan happen as soon as possible. No more "noted and coming someday". Those above are the three major improvements coming this year.

(In case you might be interested in knowing the plan for other platforms too, the next big step for the iPad is Apple Pencil performance improvement. And the iPhone gets a step from the current beta version to an official release)
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Sergey Sep 11, 2016 08:49AM PDT
Hello, voting for the feature too.
Currently evaluating Outline for my needs - very good, but without tag search - I'll wait for the release and keep using PC and OneNote there.
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Valya Sep 12, 2016 07:33PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Sergey,

Thanks for reaching out!

We have the tags support planned for this autumn.
Do you want me to get back to you when we'll finish?
I'd be glad to hear if you have any other suggestions on Outline improvement!
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Colm Dec 05, 2016 07:25AM PST
Hello, just another vote here for how essential the tags are. Started using recently and then got a surprise to discover no way to search for tags; definitely needed for Outline to be a credible Onenote replacement. Any update on when this is coming?

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Valya Dec 05, 2016 11:48PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand

Thanks for reaching out!

We've thought about implementing Search for tags feature, we've already have some ideas on the way we can do it.
I think we will return to this feature next year after finishing handwriting improvements on iPad and editable fonts feature on Mac.
You can follow us in social nets to get all the latest news on our updates.
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Nifaal Jan 19, 2017 03:12PM PST
Voting for this feature too. Tags are very powerful and I use them frequently in many other softwares. I would be thrilled to have this feature in Outline too.
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Laurel Bowman Jan 31, 2017 07:50AM PST
Especially yes please! Is there any chance that circus ponies tags could be converted into this kind of tag? I used tags in Circus Ponies a lot.
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Valya Jan 31, 2017 09:05PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand

Apparently we had this question before and found out that when exporting to HTML format, Circus Ponies render its tags as pictures.
So when you open your notebook as a website for example, you'll see that the tags are not editable and usable.
Because of that in Outline they stay as pictures too.

Currently there is not much we can do, however we will keep analysing the tags feature.
In the future, when we implement our own tags, you'll be able to replace the ones you had in CPN.
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Scott Feb 09, 2017 02:54AM PST
I was just about to get the Mac and iOS version, but then noticed there was no search of tags. The app looks great with many excellent features, and I love that it has the coloured tabs.

Searching for tags is an essential feature for my studies, to be able to find quotes or definitions I have copied and pasted in.

On the onenote forum for Mac this looks like a feature many have wanted for a few years, and I'm surprised you haven't implemented it to take advantage of this need.

Microsoft will no doubt implement it eventually...
I'll check back in a few months, and fingers crossed it's there.

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Valya Feb 09, 2017 11:07PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Rob,

Thanks for reaching out!

I'll include your vote to our feature requests list.
And we will discuss this option with the team again.

Apparently last year we've even designed this feature, but didn't have time to plan it for release.
I hope this year we will be able to get to an actual implementation.
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Johan Jun 04, 2017 03:50PM PDT
Having now waited close to three years for basic search functionality it has become painfully clear this is not a priority for your development team. This is a simply hygiene factor for any note taking program and it is simply astonishing that that you have designed a great looking program that is utterly useless since you cannot search for tagged items - a core function. I cannot even understand how have you ever imagined tags to be used?

I wasted a lot of time on this. But fool me once - shame on you - fool me twice shame on me.

Time to delete outline. A shame since it had so much potential.

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Valya Jun 04, 2017 10:46PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Johan,

We are really sorry for you abandoning Outline!

And we do understand using tags for searching the notes can be very useful.
However we don't have enough time right now for implementing this feature in Outline.
We wanted to improve our native search a little bit to make it easier to navigate.
Hope it can make the things better.
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Mimi Nov 14, 2017 10:07AM PST
Seems Outline lacks a search-by-tag feature, and Bear lacks a manual-sort option. Too bad! Either is a dealbreaker for me, despite their good looks and other design features. Time to try Outlinely, or just stick with OmniOutliner, which has its own problems...
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alain Apr 19, 2018 12:42AM PDT
Searching tags is really a must. I am surprised that it is still not available, as it has been announced for so many years. For me it is really a priority!
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Bill Oct 12, 2018 12:50PM PDT

I rely on my notes and run large-scale projects that have me taking notes from different contexts all day long. I was looking for an alternative to OneNote. My coworkers were convincing me to try Outline but

1. you lack basic functionality (enabling the search by tags)
2. You have not listened to your customers for *5 years+* about this need.

It's a catch-22 feature. If you lightly use a note-taking app then you don't need the depth or context of search. But it's also because you're lightly using it. If one becomes dependent on the app and has many notebooks, sections and notes that are being constantly updated, then the need for better search and for things such as "to-do's" to be aggregated like you can do in oneNote become indispensable and *TIGHTENS YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO THE PRODUCT*. You are literally keeping me from using a product like this because I can't go too deeply into it for fear of losing track of the very thing I'm doing with your product. Oh well.

I'm glad I found out about this before spending my money on it and will stick with OneNote.
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Outline Oct 17, 2018 09:15PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Thank you so much for your notice about Searching Tags. This feature, no matter how easy it looks like, is a pretty complicated and hard to implement. If you look across the apps you will find out that not many of them has the ability to work with tags in satisfying way. However, we do hear you and we plan to pay our closest attention to the Tag Searching feature this year.

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