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Daniel H. Jan 10, 2015 05:07PM PST

I love outline and I use it daily. A great addition would be the ablility to insert arrows - right now I need to insert them as pictures. Keep up the good work. D

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Val Jan 12, 2015 09:21AM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hello Daniel,

thanks for contacting us and suggesting improvement.
I have noted your request to our wish list.
We will consider it for our future updates.

Stay tuned!
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Charles Mar 09, 2016 09:50PM PST
I note that this request duplicate another request for basic shape/drawing capability. You may not see the requests that have not been posted because potential buyers did not adopt Outline due to the limitation of its core note-taking capabilities.

We are now in March 2016, 14 months later. What do you mean by 'future updates' -- next month, next year, never?
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Valya Mar 09, 2016 10:20PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand

Thanks for reaching out.

We have been working on several new big features, but I'm afraid this feature (drawing on Mac) is still on our wish list. We are a small team and we get tons of feature requests every week and we do our best to implement the most-requested features.

I have noted your vote for this feature, but I'm afraid I don't have an ETA on this feature yet.

Thank you for your patience.

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Ray Oct 27, 2016 10:11AM PDT
I'd also like to vote for arrows and basic shapes. It would be a wonderful feature to help with diagramming when text simply isn't enough. If the shapes can include text, it would be awesome! Thanks! Love your product!
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Valya Oct 27, 2016 11:24PM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand

Thanks for reaching out!

I've added your vote to our list.
We will think of whether we can include the text shapes as well.
I think first it will be just the shapes themselves.

Stay tuned!
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Ben Oct 30, 2016 03:24PM PDT
Can I add my vote please? I've just come over from onenote and the only feature I miss is the ability to draw, especially with printed PDFs, the ability to draw a line between the a part of the picture and my notes is really needed!

Otherwise, loving it.
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Valya Oct 31, 2016 04:10AM PDT OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Ben,

And your vote is noted! Thank you so much!

Are there any other questions / suggestions on Outline performance?
Please write to me: you can leave a message here, on the portal or write to me directly at
I'll be happy to hear from you!
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Richard Johnson Nov 11, 2016 10:59PM PST
When I take notes on paper, I commonly use circles, arrows and connectors to call attention to items, connect ideas, enumerate items and so on. In an app however, I think these tools fall short of their potential.

For example. where I only draw a circle around two items and a line connecting them on paper. A link between the two marked items would be better whether or not there were obvious markings on the page. It would open up options to link between items pages apart, and it offers the potential to be able to extract all links, marked and enumerated items as a summary or detail document.

There are tons of useful possibilities that I have not thought of that would make an app more useful than just emulating paper versions of the same task.
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Valya Nov 13, 2016 11:46PM PST OUTLINE Helping Hand
Hi Richard,

Thank you for your comment!

And the first think I thought of when reading your description is tagging.
Isn't it?

You set the special tag for one particular topic and paste it in the paragraph or sentence you think fit to the topic.
After clicking on the tag you can get all the outlines connected with it in one page.
Such feature doesn't exist in Outline now but well, that's just my idea of how to implement something you wrote about in our app.

Feel free to write to me directly at if there is something else you would like to see in Outline.
I would really appreciate your detailed descriptions as we will be able to use it later when getting to an actual implementation of all those features.
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gerard Feb 02, 2017 03:24AM PST
the thing i currently miss most is the ability to draw lines. This would allow me to interconnect related notes on my page.
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Pralay Biswas Feb 28, 2017 03:17AM PST
+1 on the feature
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Reiner Seifried Aug 27, 2017 10:25AM PDT
+1 on the feature
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Conor Aug 28, 2018 05:28PM PDT
The "ink" feature of Onenote is the one thing missing from outline that is stopping me from purchasing.
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Kristiana Kincaid May 03, 2019 06:22AM PDT
Over and over, I miss the ability to write on top of (e.g. draw circles or underline) images I place in my notes. Since I can't star them easily, and you can't highlight images, it just makes it very difficult to show the key information I'm trying to call attention to in the embedded image.

I'd gratefully take an insertable shape, or the ability to draw a box/simple shape on top of text or images.

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