What's new in iPad version

​Version 3.15 (Released Dec 18, 2016)

- Outline+ with iPhone version officially released

​Version 3.14 (Released Dec 11, 2016)

- Localisations: German, Chinese

- Box SSO

​Version 3.12 (Released Nov 18, 2016)

- Outline Messages

- Sync with WebDAV  
- Speed of text input
- Overall stability

Version 3.11 (Released Oct 14, 2016)

 - Inbox re-imagined

- Sync with WebDAV which doesn't support file blocks  
- Sync with OS X WebDAV 
- Image paste  

Version 3.10.1 (Released Sep 3, 2016)

- Image rotation and resize glitches
- Missing images (blank rectangles instead)
- Several situations when duplicate sections might happen
- Open in Outline compatibility with other apps

Check out the populars too
- Sync notes with WebDAV
- Sync notes with your organization's OneDrive for Business
- Change the order of notebooks
- Personalize notebooks with artful covers

Version 3.10 (Released Aug 16, 2016)

- Occasional crashes (kudos to everyone who submitted details / contact info after crashes)
- Multiple causes for missing images (blank rectangles instead)
- Several situations when duplicate sections might happen
- Open in Outline compatibility with other apps
- WebDAV sync experience

- Apple Pencil support improvements 
- WebDAV support 
- OneDrive for Business support 
- iPhone version (there is a beta available by request)
- More artful notebook covers 

Version 3.9 (Released Aug 2, 2016)

- Enters WebDAV. 
Give your notes a fresh start on OwnCloud or another WebDAV-based location. 

- Reorder notebook

Version 3.8.2 (Released Jul 26, 2016)

- Disk space consumption

- Occasional crashes
- More occasional crashes
- Sync progress bar capable of scrolling back
- Seamless export for notes with all kinds of tricky names

- WebDAV support (beta available by request)
- OneDrive for Business support (one more beta available by request) - iPhone version (another beta available by request)
- More artful notebook covers (catch them all [c])
- Apple Pencil support improvements (thanks to everyone who completed the survey!)

Version 3.8 (Released Jun 17, 2016)

- Backup feature
- Synchronization from multiple devices, avoiding conflict copies of notes

- All sorts of crashes 
- All sorts of freezing (including the one where the magnifying glass appears while editing notes)
- Send HTML to Outline+
- Open a notebook from OneDrive
- Open a notebook from SharePoint

Version 3.7

New devices
- Added support for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

- Refreshed UI with navigation tree and popover menus

- Minor stability and performance improvement

Version 3.6 (Released Sep 21, 2015)

iOS 9 support
- Quick search across your notes right on the Spotlight screen
- Run Outline together with other apps using Split View multitasking ability on iPad Air 2 and Slide Over panel
- Edit and select text with new Multi-Touch gestures

Table of Contents
- Insert table of contents to organize and navigate your notes

Integration with Notes app
- Copy to-do lists and entries from the Notes app to Outline

With notes backed up iniCloud you can simply restore you information without the risk оf data loss

Paste as plain text
- Added quick and easy way to paste text without formatting

Clickable links
- Open links in a PDF file you convert from Outline

- Minor stability and performance improvement

Version 3.5 (Released Jun 10, 2015)

iCloud Drive
- Support for iCloud Drive - one more easy way to synchronize your notes

- Added support for two-factor authentication to OneDrive
- Highlighting of the handwritten text works more smoothly
- Fixed some issues with spellcheck behavior
- Corrected the copy-and-paste method of numbered and bulleted lists
- Fixed crash while logging in Dropbox
- Various bug fixes and improvements

Please be sure that you have logged in iCloud on your device before sharing notebooks from Outline.

Version 3.4 (Released Apr 28, 2015)

- Use your Touch ID to protect not only sections but also the entire app

- Fixed problems with inks on iOS 8.3
- Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.3 (Released Mar 8, 2015)

Touch ID
- Use Touch ID instead of standard password
- Fix bugs and crashes
- Added highlight of search results
- UI and usability improvements

Version 3.2 (Released Feb 2, 2015)

- Improved process of tables creation. Insert, delete, add rows and columns more easily, using specialbutton on toolbar

- Bug fixes
- Stability improvements
- Usability Improvements

Version 3.1.1 (Released Nov 25, 2014)

Important for the following devices: iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2.

Fixed serious issues:
- Synchronization errors
- Freezing on text input

Version 3.1 (Released Nov 18, 2014)

iOS 8 Share Extensions support (two ways)
- Easy way to send information from apps supporting iOS 8 extensions to Outline. Most useful with Safari
- Added share menu to Outline. You can now easily send Outline pages to other apps supporting extensions

- Made highlighter tool more transparent

- Bug fixes
- Stability improvements
- Usability improvements
- Improved stability when working with attachments

Version 3.0 (Released Oct 14, 2014)

- New handwriting mode
- Improved inks - extra thin and smooth
- Improved eraser
- Eraser now can erase text highlighting color
- Added Adonit JotScript and Pogo styluses support
- Improved layout of drawing toolbar

- Undo/Redo for all types of content
- Dynamic guidelines to allow more precise content positioning
- Table support
- Reworked editor gestures to make it more intuitive
- Hyperlink support
- External, inter, intra and wiki links can be added
- To-do tag is applied automatically on a new line in a list. Controlled by user setting
- Set picture as background
- Spell checking and auto correction
- Improved page title display

- Outline file format optimized for Dropbox and Box
- Improved synchronization with OneDrive

- Open PDF, add annotations, export back as an original file
- Attach any file to a page
- Send page by email
- Export entire section to PDF file

- Complete revamp of the UI to fit iOS 8
- Dynamic loading of notebook covers
- Rename from page list

- Usability improvements
- 1000 and 1 bug were fixed
- Even more love was added to this handcrafted product

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