Share with OneNote on iPad

Outline is fully compatible with Microsoft OneNote.
Here are a couple of scenarios of how you can share your notes with OneNote users.

Share the local notebook with Windows OneNote users

OneNote for Windows allows to open and edit local notebooks.
So you can send your whole Outline notebook to your colleague / friend.

    1. Check the format of your notebook: tap the notebook in notebooks tree > Properties >
        It needs to be OneNote.

If it's in Outline format, Export to OneNote format: 
Convert notebook to OneNote format and vice versa

    2. Then get the folder of this notebook.
    a) You can export it to iTunes to open on your Mac / PC and send with an email: 
         - tap the notebook > Export > iTunes.
           Export and Import Notebooks via iTunes

          - Save the compressed file of your notebook on Mac / PC > send it.

    b) Or you can send this notebook to one of the supported cloud storages > get the folder to
        send or share:
         - Tap the notebook's cover > Properties > Location > choose the cloud storage;
         - Run this storage app on your Mac or PC > get the folder of your notebook > compress
           and send it.
    NOTE: If you use Box, you can email the link to the folder stored in this storage service.

         - Or share the folder from the cloud storage app on your iPad.

Share the section with Windows OneNote users

    1. Check the format of the whole notebook: tap the notebook in notebooks tree > Properties
        > Format.
        It needs to be OneNote.

    2. Move the notebook to your Mac / PC with iTunes or any supported cloud storage > send or
        share the separate section.


Share the notebook or section through Microsoft clouds

In case you need to share the notebook with someone who uses OneDrive, SharePoint or Office 365, the only solution is to upload your notebook to this cloud and share through the cloud service web interface:

    1. Check the format of your notebook: tap the notebook's cover > Properties > Format > it
        must be OneNote.
    2. Tap the notebook again > Properties > Location > choose the cloud you want to use.

    3. Log in if needed > select the folder on the server to store the notebook > Done.
    4. Wait till the notebook finishes uploading > go to the cloud storage app or web client >

Share the PDF of your sections / pages

To get more information, follow the link.


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