Fixes in development

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We will offer special solution or workaround for your situation. 

The list of known issues that we currently work on:

In-app-purchase restore mechanism

High CPU

Crash on "Repair the page"

Cannot upload this type of file to this App Library 
[in iCloud web client]

Link to the page gets corrupted

Lost external keyboard shortcuts

"Jumping" outlines

Attaching PDF printout it gets pasted on top of the page under previous content

Toolbar is hidden on narrowed window

Handwritten notes get thicker on PDF export​

Already fixed:

Crash on opening notebooks downloaded as archive from OneDrive

Error on opening .onepkg from Sharepoint

Cannot change the format to .outline 

[Couldn't find base revision]

Typing lag on Sierra
[in Outline for Mac]

"Two capitals" when "Autocheck" disabled
[in Outline for Mac]

Cut&paste text reappears on pages
[in Outline for Mac]

Changing size of intersecting outlines drops the second one at the bottom of the page

Sections reappear after cut&pasting

Sync fails
[Unable to read beyond the stream]

Log in BOX SSO accounts
[Outline for iPad]

OBJ signs on handwritten notes made in OneNote
[Outline for Mac]

MSFSS error on opening OneDrive notebooks

Typing lag in Chinese

[Outline for iPad]

Duplicate sections

Text duplication on merge

Pasting picture, focus scroll gets at the end of the document

Blurred pictures on Mac

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